2022 Year in Review

The Kingsmount-Bell Park (KBP) Community Action Network (CAN) completed its second full year of operation in 2022. 

Michael Penwarden returned as Chair and Paul Haynes, Communications. Vacancies in two executive positions were filled by Denise Renaud, Treasurer, and Katie Hahn, Secretary. The Executive team met several times throughout the year to discuss projects and plan general meetings. 

General meetings were held April 28, October 27, and December 15.

With 2022 designated as Year of the Garden, Wayne Hugli of the Sudbury Horticultural Society joined us as Guest Speaker in April. Kurtis Wideman and Leo Gerhardt representing the 15th Sudbury Cub Scout pack also presented tips on doing eco-friendly yard work. 

Photos: Tree planting at York Street Playground; 2022 Heritage Walks, top to bottom: Kingsmount; St. Nicholas Greenspace; Bell Park.

In May, CAN volunteers planted a mix of shade trees at the York Street Playground. Thank you to volunteers Denise, Christine, Katie, Paul, Karen and Sanna and the City of Greater Sudbury staff for assisting us in procuring and planting the trees. The York Street Tot Lot subcommittee followed up in June with a list of additional recommendations to present to Leisure services including the addition of a picnic table. 

The Rainbow Routes Association’s June Hike Club toured the Roxborough Green Belt and the St. Nicholas Greenspace (Mountain + Dead Man’s Canyon}. 

In July, the Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN hosted “Walk-the-Bell-Gift”. Hike leaders Paul Haynes and Peter Beckett shared the history of Bell Park and its changing landscape over the past 100 years.

The York Street Playground pollinator garden began to take shape in late summer Katie Hahn and Christine Caveen laid down plastic to kill the weeds and brought in fresh soil. In October the area was planted with selected seeds from Northern Wildflowers. Further, the CAN applied to the Northern Wildflowers 2022 Community Garden Giveaway and, in November, received a $50 voucher to support the Pollinator Garden and other community projects. 

In October the CAN met with Jeff Pafford of Leisure Services to discuss its intentions to propose improvements to the Greenspace off the St Nicholas connector which includes Dead Man’s Canyon and the Mountain.

The October general meeting, our first attempt at holding an in-person meeting, was held at St. Peter’s United Church which attracted a dozen people. Updates on the York Street playground and St. Nicholas Greenspace (Mountain + Canyon) were discussed. Liam McGill, Gary Austin, Janet Lanteigne, and Deb Pero volunteered to participate with Paul Haynes on a St Nicholas Greenspace sub-committee. The sub-committee met in November with Rainbow Routes’ executive director, Daniel Barrette, to discuss how the two organizations could best participate in the project. Community consultation is planned for the spring of 2023 with RRA preparing the survey in consultation with the K-BP CAN. 

The CAN hosted another Heritage Walk in November to explore the history and unique heritage assets of the Kingsmount neighbourhood.

Other issues addressed in 2022 included calls to 3-1-1 to request repairs and clean-up to the Elgin Street Pedestrian Underpass which were satisfactorily completed. Talks continue to explore traffic calming measures on Riverside Drive, including a 4-way stop at Riverside and Winchester. Next steps include what is involved to advance these additional traffic safety and calming measures. 

In 2023, the Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN looks forward to advancing existing projects and supporting new projects that promise to make the Kingsmount-Bell Park neighbourhoods the best they can be.

3 thoughts on “2022 Year in Review

  1. Where are the Dec 15 meeting minutes? I’m assuming that’s when the election took place? It seems to me that a meeting where an election takes place would be top priority in terms of posting minutes in the interest of transparency.


    1. Hi Michael,
      The December 15 meeting was interrupted by technical issues and therefore cancelled. Minutes for the March 1 meeting will be posted shortly.
      There were no elections on the agenda nor have there been since the CANs inception in December 2020. To date, only two of the original 5 executive members are still active. We have had to replace four executive members due to resignation. These positions have been advertised through the website and FB postings.
      Community Action Networks are currently evaluating terms of reference and election procedures. As a new CAN the present executive is focusing on a Community Engagement Session/Vision strategy this year to provide a roadmap for future activities.
      Currently, the position of treasurer is vacant. If you’d like to get involved, let us know.
      Paul H


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