Members of the Kingsmount/Bell Park CAN Executive:

Chair: Michael Penwarden

Treasurer: Denise Renaud

Secretary: Katherine Hahn

Communications: Paul Haynes

City Councillor: Fern Cormier

City Liaison: Kelly Brooks
Greater Sudbury Police Service Liaison: Constable Bailey

Kingsmount – Bell Park Area Map

What are the benefits?

Community Action Network

The City of Greater Sudbury recognizes the following benefits in establishing and supporting Community Action Networks:

  • CANs enhance the overall quality of life in Greater Sudbury’s social, environmental and economic sectors.
  • CANs enable citizens to participate, appreciate, and fully understand the services offered by community organizations and groups.
  • CANs help to identify community needs and establish co-operative working relationships.
  • CANs promote democracy and inclusiveness by giving participants (community members, City Council, and City staff), a unique vehicle to work in harmony toward common goals.
  • CANs provide a mechanism for planning at the community level by identifying the different projects with which individual Community Action Networks will be involved.
  • CANS take action and implement projects and initiatives which have a positive impact on the quality of life in Greater Sudbury.