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Welcome residents of
Kingsmount / Bell Park

Community Action Networks (CANs) bring people together to build a Healthy Community. Healthy Communities are strong and vibrant. They emerge from the collaborative efforts of citizens who care about where they live and want to make their neighbourhoods the best they can possibly be. Community Action Networks provide resources to make this happen.


News & Updates

  • Walk-the-Bell-Gift
    The Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN hosted Walk-the-Bell-Gift on Saturday.  Hike leaders Paul Haynes and Peter Beckett explored the history of Bell Park and its changing landscape over the past 100 years. From the regreening program’s 10-millionth tree to fallback breccia from a 1.85 billion year old meteorite impact, I think W.J. Bell would be pleased.  WatchContinue reading “Walk-the-Bell-Gift”
  • Walk the Bell Gift
    On February 19, 1926, W. J. Bell formally handed over to the Town of Sudbury the deeds to 110-acres of land that would be designated by council as Bell Park. We pass by or walk through the park regularly, but its story is seldom told. Join the Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN for Walk the Bell Gift,Continue reading “Walk the Bell Gift”
  • Your Community Action Network needs volunteers
    If you reside within the Kingsmount-Bell Park area and would like to get involved with your neighbourhood Community Action Network (CAN), we would like to hear from you.  Currently we have a vacancy for the position of Secretary on the executive team. Responsibilities include:  Help plan and organize CAN executive meetings (as needed) and generalContinue reading “Your Community Action Network needs volunteers”