You’re invited to join the Rainbow Routes Hike Club this weekend

Residents of the Kingsmount-Bell Park area are invited to join Rainbow Routes this Saturday, January 7. The January Hike Club will explore the greenspaces of the Kingsmount area. The hike will begin from the parking lot at York St. and Paris. Weather permitting, snowshoes will be an option, but not required. When: Saturday, January 7,Continue reading “You’re invited to join the Rainbow Routes Hike Club this weekend”


The Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN hosted Walk-the-Bell-Gift on Saturday.  Hike leaders Paul Haynes and Peter Beckett explored the history of Bell Park and its changing landscape over the past 100 years. From the regreening program’s 10-millionth tree to fallback breccia from a 1.85 billion year old meteorite impact, I think W.J. Bell would be pleased.  WatchContinue reading “Walk-the-Bell-Gift”

Creative “signs” needed

Kingsmount-Bell Park Community Action Network is looking for an individual or business that can create signs, arboretum tags, plaques or similar to recognize the funder and identify the species of trees recently planted at the York Street Playground. We require six signs (three signs and a duplicate set). The “signs” may be attached to theContinue reading “Creative “signs” needed”

Trees take root at York tot lot

Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN volunteers with the assistance of city parks personnel braved the heat on Friday the 13th to plant a mix of shade trees at the York Street Playground. Given time, the twelve trees – a mix of Greenspire Linden, Flame Maple and Celebration Maple – will also add showy fall colours to theContinue reading “Trees take root at York tot lot”