Trees for York Tot Lot

Join us for the York Street Playground tree-planting event on Friday, May 13, at 10:30 am.

With funds carried over from its 2021 budget, the KBP CAN was able to purchase a variety of trees to provide shade and a privacy barrier along the north side of the playground fence. The planting will be supervised by expert personnel from the City of Greater Sudbury.

There are other improvements planned for 2022 too! Resident Katie Hahn has volunteered to be the lead on planning a pollinator habitat at the base of the hill. The size of the habitat will be dependent on the number of volunteers, budget, and practical aspects to the site. We may be looking for a few volunteers to prep the garden and plant seeds this fall. The city will also be cleaning up the dead branches under the overhanging tree at the northwest corner of the park. All living aspects of the tree will remain in-tact. Lastly, a new basketball net will replace the old one. 

Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest and provided feedback on what type of improvements they would like to see. There is still time to provide feedback if you haven’t already. You can email

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