Sidewalk Stampspotting

Albert Street 1947

Albert Street 1947 NW corner Albert and Eyre
Sidewalk stamp on NW corner of Albert and Eyre Streets

City Planner, Ed Landry reminded me that there is a sidewalk stamp near the northwest corner of Albert Street at Eyre. It is the only sidewalk stamp of this kind that we know of that exists outside the Kingsmount area. 

Wembley Dr. 1945 

Sidewalk stamp in driveway at 128 Wembley Drive.

The mystery of the sidewalk stamp at 128 Wembley has been solved. The owner informed me that when the sidewalks were being replaced he used a concrete saw to cut out the sidewalk stamp at the northwest corner of Wembley and Homewood. He later incorporated the sidewalk stamp into the new lock stone design of his driveway. I forgot to ask why there is a space between the E and M. Oh well, next time!  

For more about sidewalk stamps see post

Paul Haynes is a local history explorer and Rainbow Routes XPLR Sudbury hike leader. If you know of the location of a sidewalk stamp that is NOT included in this article, OR If you know where a sidewalk stamp once existed, please share.

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