Promoting our Heritage Assets

Aurora Dubois (1888) and Andrew McNaughton (1887) surveys (Source: GSPL; Surveys combined by Haynes)

Residents of Kingsmount-Bell Park are fortunate to live in an area with a rich history. The Andrew McNaughton and Aurora Dubois surveys are two of the oldest properties surveyed and subdivided beyond the downtown core. The area’s buildings, streetscapes, landscapes and other forms of cultural heritage reflect the expressions and aspirations of those who have gone before us. 

Two of these properties have been officially designated or listed as heritage sites under the Ontario Heritage Act including the Bell Mansion (1907) and David Street Water Treatment Plant (1896). A third, the former Canadian Pacific Railway Station (1907) is at the doorstep.

We all win by conserving our cultural heritage. Beyond being important to our cultural and economic development, it provides us with a strong sense of place. Your Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN can play a role in creating awareness of the heritage properties in our area. 

This steam-power electricity plant on David Street was opened in 1896 to supply the fledgling town of Sudbury with electricity to power its streetlights and downtown businesses.


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