Spring General Meeting

We’re excited to invite you to our first in-person general meeting.

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2022
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Meeting location: Parkside Older Adult Centre, Kinsmen Room A, 150 Durham St. Please RSVP at info@ward10can.com.

Note: We will be adhering to the Parkside Centre’s COVID protocol. Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination for in-person activities and masking requirements will remain until further notice.

2022 has been designated as “Year of the Garden” and a representative of the Sudbury Horticultural Society will join us as guest speaker. The General Meeting will include updates on Riverside Drive traffic calming, York Street Playground project and more.

The general meeting will also be available on Zoom. Request the Zoom invitation at info@ward10can.com (Subject line: Spring General Meeting) no later than Monday, April 25 at 6:00 pm.

If you have topics or questions you would like addressed, please submit them prior to the meeting at info@ward10can.com (Subject line: Spring General Meeting).

Spring Clean-Up Blitz

The Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN is getting involved in the Spring Clean-Up Blitz being organized by Environmental Services, City of Greater Sudbury.
Is there an area in our neighbourhood that could use tidying up?
Let us know at info@ward10can.com (Please use the Subject line: Spring Clean-Up). The event will be held Saturday, May 7, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Safety vests, gloves and garbage bags will be supplied by Environmental Services. 

York Street Playground 

Residents living in the York Street area are hoping to make improvements to the York Street playground. A number of recommendations have been made such as additional benches, shade trees along York Street, improved access from Windsor Crescent, and expanding the basketball court. 

The Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN is organizing a sub-committee to support this project. Area residents are encouraged to provide their input and get involved by contacting Denise Renaud at info@ward10can.com (Please use the Subject line: York Street Playground). 

2021 In Review

Kingsmount-Bell Park CAN 


The Kingsmount-Bell Park (KBP) Community Action Network (CAN) recently completed its first full year. The application to establish the CAN was submitted by Toni Calabrese and formally approved by City Council in November 2020. The KBP CAN Executive members are Co-Chairs Michael Penwarden and Antonietta Calabrese; Treasurer, Pierina Calabrese; Secretary, Stacy Sathaseevan; and Communications, Paul Haynes. 

There are thirteen CANs throughout Greater Sudbury. KBP is located within Ward 10 and has an estimated population of 4,600. For more information on Greater Sudbury’s Community Action Networks click here 


General meetings were held in January, April and October 2021. The agendas included reports from Constable Dale Bailey, Greater Sudbury Police Services (GSPS); Fern Cormier, Ward 10 Councillor, as well as guest speakers Paul Haynes, local history explorer, and Melissa Laalo, City of Greater Sudbury By-law Officer. These meetings were attended by Barb McDougall, Community Engagement Co-ordinator, City of Greater Sudbury. The CAN executive met several times to review operational issues and share project updates. A special meeting with Councillor Cormier took place in December. Given the pandemic restrictions all general and Executive meetings, with the exception of one held at Bell Park, took place via Zoom. The KBP CAN also participated in the CAN Chairs meeting in December.

If you live in the Kingsmount-Bell Park area and would like to attend our general meetings, visit the home page at ward10can.com to follow us via email.

Safety and Security 

The pandemic has brought with it increased concerns about safety and security including reports of break and enter to detached garages or sheds and vehicles. While GSPS has not been able to respond to each and every incident, it remains important to report all incidents to the police. The mapping of these incidents can help determine operational strategies. Call 911 for emergencies and the non-urgent line at 705-675-9171 for everything else.  You can also report on-line at https://www.gsps.ca/en/reporting/reporting.aspx


Several projects are in various stages of development  including:

– Exploring traffic calming measures on Riverside Drive including a 4-way stop at Riverside and Winchester Ave.,

– Proposing shade trees and upgrades to the York Street Tot Lot,

– Planning community engagement for trailhead and signage in the Mountain-Dead Man’s Canyon area,

– Chipping the Roxborough Greenbelt trails in cooperation with the Friends of Roxborough Greenbelt,

– Requesting waste bins for the St Nicholas Connector path and exploring Adopt-a-bin for the waste bins on the Boland Connector path. 

The City has asked all CANs to prepare a list of projects, events, and plans for the future. If you have ideas you would like to contribute please email info@ward10.com. Ideas will be included as New Business at one of our quarterly general meetings. 


In October, Paul Haynes and guest historian Dieter Buse hosted a KBP heritage walk that included stops at the President’s House and Bell Mansion, two Laurentian University properties that may be impacted by the University’s reorganization. 


One of the challenges of starting a new CAN is becoming known. This summer, flyers introducing the KBP CAN were hand delivered throughout the designated area where mail boxes are present. Unfortunately we have been unable to deliver our message to those residents living in apartment buildings. Please help us spread the word! 

Thank you to our volunteers Damien Duff, Pearl Duff, Doreen Pagnutti, Anna Cheaney, Karen Haynes, Sanna Haynes and executive members Toni, Pierina, Paul and Michael.  Facebook sites St. Joes Neighbourhood Connection and Roxborough, Kingsmount, Wembley & Environs neighbourhood have also provided us with opportunities to tap into existing social networks. 

Thank you Toni and Pierina

We owe a debt of gratitude to Co-Chair Toni Calabrese and Treasurer Pierina Calabrese who have contributed to the progress of the KBP CAN since its inception. Both are leaving the executive for personal reasons. Co-Chair Michael Penwarden will assume the role as Chair. 

Board vacancy-Treasurer

The KBP CAN requires a Treasurer. If you would like to fill this position we would love to hear from you. The Treasurer is responsible for Budget, Accounting and Financial Record Keeping and to assist the Executive in preparing Annual Reports. As a member of the Executive the Treasurer’s input into all areas of the CAN’s operations is welcome. Please forward a brief letter of interest to info@ward10can.com. For more information please access this link

Annual Report

Submitting an Annual Report to the City of Greater Sudbury is an operational requirement of every CAN. For an overview of our financial activities see Annual Report 2021.